18 September 2008

—————— Collections of images—————————–
———————-Interlapping visual groups————————–
———–Emerging body of work—————————————-
————-Visual elements—————————————
———-Incorporating all manner of images——————————–
————-Exoloring the history of images————
———————–Looking at theoretical notions in art—————-
——-Touching upon linguistic implications of images———–
———–Developing a visual language—–
—–Thinking about how to present artwork—————
—Creating a dialogue with art and artists———–


Copy Paste

17 September 2008

Sorry, or maybe not, the images on this blog are mostly stolen as they include visuals taken from other sites (without permission), photocopied or scanned – probably in breech of international copyright laws.

However, should you have been directed to this blog it means that  you have been invited to look into a private visual process, a non-public virtual sketchbook.


17 September 2008
The process

The process

I don’t know how this is going to end up – exploration will give some kind of result – perhaps my virtual sketchbook will end as several collections /visual stories/ on different themes – hopefully a way to produce more concrete art pieces which are non-virtual, ie material – which are then also put on the Virtualities blog in more than just sketch/idea form – should not forget to mention that the aim of this space is also to establish some working continuity in my artwork.